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Attractions - Round Barn

The 111 year old barn was moved to its new site on September 13, 2006. After traveling a 1/2 mile, the barn found its new home in the Willow Springs Garden Historical Preservation.

Our Objective ...
To move, preserve & re-purpose the majestic barn

Our Vision ...
To restore & renovate the building as a historical site for education & agriculture.  The barn will eventually be a museum, a hands-on education facility and a place to celebrate family gatherings.

You can help preserve this Round Barn with a donation. Click here to find out more!

History of the Round Barn

  • Carl & August Tisch bought the land on June 12, 1892 and built the barn in 1895.
  • Carl Tisch Sr. Died in 1895. He had 8 children.
  • In March 15, 1898, Herman & Rosallia Tesch acquired the property from the Tisch family.
  • Herman Tesch dies on September 3, 1934. He had 10 children.
  • In 1934, Herman's son, Gustav bought out the share of his siblings at $500.00 each and acquired full ownership of the property.
  • 10 years later, on April 28, 1944, William & Martha Christian purchased the property.
  • Barn ceases to be used for housing cattle.
  • The property was divided in half, between Floyd and Maeward Chrisitan, sons of William & Martha Christian. Maeward Christian receives the half with the barn.
  • On May 1988, Maeward's son, Carl Christian, acquired the barn and the property from his dad.
  • On September 13, 2006, the barn was moved to Willow Springs Garn historical site for preservation.
  • July 2012, new siding was placed on the barn as the old siding was removed and saved.
  • November 2012, the barn wood roof was painted. The new siding on the barn was painted red and a fresh coat of silver on the roof.